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Drag Me To Hell (2009)

May 31st, 2010 | Category: Movie Reviews

drag-me-to-hell-poster-560x829 Drag Me To Hell is Sam Raimi’s attempt to make something modern in the same spirit as Evil Dead series (Part I, II and III). In this movie, a female loan officer is ordered to evict an old fuck-ugly naty woman from her home. Unfortunately the old woman is a gypsy witch and casts a curse on the loan officer, making a demon go nuts on her and smack her up from time to time until the day comes when she’s about to be dragged to hell.

I can’t really decide if I like it or not. First of all, let me tell you it’s not scary per se. Too much use of Hollywood BOOM-tactics to scare the shit out of your pants for me to really like it. But I am willing to forgive Raimi for using that shit a little bit too much.

Why? Well, because the funny stuff is there too. Like a talking goat, like really really gory-funny scenes (eyeballs dropping out and landing in the mouth and so on), some really nerdy one-liners (nope, not in class with Bruce Campbell’s oneliners), and from time to time there’s some exciting passages. I also liked the ending.

If you’re about to watch a horror film then I’d definitely rather go for the old Evil Dead movies over this one. No doubt. But still, this can make for some decent entertaining too. Just don’t expect too much. And don’t expect to be scared by anything else than loud noises.

It won’t keep you awake at nights.


That’s some serious fuglyness. Like… no, I don’t even think there’s something else as ugly to be compared with. Perhaps a blobfish.


It wanted to get laid. She didn’t.


Okay, so let’s hold hands and say our prayer. Then let’s kill that sonofabitch of a demon.

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