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The Twilight Zone – S03E05 – A Game of Pool (1961)

April 18th, 2010 | Category: The Twilight Zone

In A Game of Pool we get to meet a frustrated pool champ has beaten everyone. Everyone except one man; the legend, Fat’s Brown. Brown is dead, and the champ can only curse his name. But guess who just walked in… And this time, the stakes are high; life or death, all depending on the outcome of this final game of pool with the old, dead champion.

Rather boring episode if it weren’t for quite a funny thing in the end, which made it all worth it :-).


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National Geographic – Americas Deadliest Gang: MS-13

April 18th, 2010 | Category: Documentaries

wmdgms_op One of the most interesting documentaries I’ve seen. Americas Deadliest Gang tries to show a picture of how the gang MS-13 (Mara Salvatrucha) works, by joining some of the members and having them show the reporters around and telling about their everyday life. Of course you get the point of view from the officials too like police officers and such. I like the fact that they’re letting the real gang members tell them how it is instead of hearing fairy tales from people who think they know how stuff works. Good job, NG.

Most of us Swedes haven’t probably heard of MS-13 before, but they have an enterprise spanning world wide – and they’re not the pleasant and kind sort of guys and girls doing this.

I’d really recommend watching this documentary. It gives an interesting view on the life as a gang member and somewhat a bigger understanding of how these gangs work.


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Home (2009)

April 10th, 2010 | Category: Documentaries

home_sscredits_bigger Home. A Stunning Visual Portrayal of Earth. That’s exactly what it is. With aerial footage from 54 countries, Home is a depiction of how the Earth’s problems are all interlinked.

But I would stop reading anything more into the movie than that. Narrated by Glenn Close, the movie is filled with half-truths. At many points I feel like they are telling just half of the truth. No lies as far as I can tell, and no real obvious propaganda – but they leave things out. They leave things out that matter. For example, it says that 1 billion people on earth is starving and that we’re consuming too much in the western countries. But they don’t relate these numbers to how it looked like for e.g. 100 years ago. They mention drastic changes in various phenomenas since we started measuring – but they don’t mention that these ‘drastic changes’ have been occuring at regular intervals ever since the earth was created some billion years ago. They’re missing the whole evolutionary step mankind has taken with improved standards of living, cure of diseases, improvements in efficiency and a lot more. They do however perform some kind of last-minute-salvation in the end of the movie which doesn’t really satisfy me but at least neutralizes some of my frustration.

I do however think the movie plays an important role in raising consciousness, but I’m also afraid that too many people will swallow the message without looking at it with critical eyes and hearing the words with critical ears.

I must however admit that the visuals actually are stunning. Needless to say this is something you have to watch in full HD. Otherwise it’s too much of a waste. It’s amazingly beautiful (like BBC’s documentary series Planet Earth – but I think Home is one step ahead actually).
Despite the fact that I’m annoyed because Home lacks nuance, I still found it truly fascinating with its visuals. I’d recommend seeing Home, but I’d also recommend you to do some research on your own to find out the whole picture before being frightened to death that our planet will like die in a couple of years.
Great movie/documentary, but a more nuanced presentation would have been nice.

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The Twilight Zone – S03E04 – The Passersby (1961)

April 10th, 2010 | Category: The Twilight Zone

The Passersby is like a Twilight Zone episode of The Sixth Sense. If you’ve seen that badass movie starring Bruce Willis you know what I mean. The plot is taking place in april 1865, at the end of the North American Civil War. A Confederate Sergeant with other wounded Union and Confederate soldiers stop to ask the widow Lavinia Godwin for some water. He asks to rest for a while and they talk about the damages of war as she now lives in her destroyed mansion.

As more and more wounded soldiers are passing by the mansion, things start to take form, and the situation may not be what they both think it is…


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The Twilight Zone – S03E03 – The Shelter (1961)

April 10th, 2010 | Category: The Twilight Zone

For once an episode without any supernatural, science fiction or fantasy elements. The Shelter is just a pure experiment with human psychology. A suburban dinner party is interrupted by a bulletin warning of an impending nuclear attack. As the neighbors scramble to prepare themselves, they turn against the one family that actually installed a permanent bomb shelter. The neighbour’s true egoistic selves show as the crisis draws near and they are all left out from the shelter. Instead of being pre-emptive and fixing a bomb shelter for themselves, these egoistic fucktards think they have the right to take part of the hard work of their neighbour who actually used his brains.

Reminds me a lot of John Galt and Ayn Rand’s masterpiece Atlas Shrugged. It also reminds me of how important it is that you are allowed to have the right to the things you have made yourself. Oh, and bomb shelter will also always remind me of Fallout.

My conclusion of all this? Collectivism can go fuck itself and please do so without any further ado.



The Twilight Zone – S03E02 – The Arrival (1961)

April 10th, 2010 | Category: The Twilight Zone

In The Arrival,  federal aviation investigator Grant Sheckly must deal with a mystery when a plane lands at an airport without pilots, passengers or luggage.

This is a twisted episode. You have to be on your toes to really follow what’s happening and how things correlate to each other. Yes, that means you have to have some kind of intelligence. You have to think.

I like that. Therefore I like this episode. Maybe not totally unpredictable, but as I wrote you can’t just sit by and watch and expect to get a hang of what’s happening without thinking by yourself.


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National Geographic – Kingdom Of The Blue Whale (2009)

April 10th, 2010 | Category: Documentaries

kingdomofthebluewhaleco Now we’re talking serious shit here. Kingdom Of The Blue Whale is some seriously good documentary shit. First of all, the blue whale is an awesome animal just because of its pure Juggernaut-ish size. Wouldn’t want to wrestle one of those bad-boys. Second of all, for once I actually saw a documentary that were stunning and fascinating, making me keep my concentration throughout the whole experience.

We get to follow a team of scientists who tries to find out patterns for how and where the blue whales are mating, feeding and breeding. We get to see some really nice footage, learn some cool facts and even witness a part of a blue whale autopsy. I love it. It may be the natural fascination I have for these animales, but I’d give this documentary my two thumbs up. Really worth seeing.



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National Geographic – Hackers (2005)

April 10th, 2010 | Category: Documentaries

This was a terrible documentary that tries to show what hackers are and what their purpose of breaking and entering systems are. As the e-commerce is increasing, companies both welcome and fear these hackers. Often they hire them to try breaching their own security systems.

It’s an interesting area, but I can’t be anything else than annoyed with how they have made it. Let me just point out a couple of things:

  • Fast switching between camera angles does not make the documentary more interesting or “awesome”. It’s just making me nauseous.
  • Playing crappt british jungle music does not in any fucking way highlight high-tech hacking skills, which seems to be the purpose. To me it just sounds like shit.
  • Talking about shit, it’s amazing how they managed to capture a bunch of hackers that all look like… well, shit, to put it frankly.

Although you get to meet some of the more famous ones and hear their opinion about things and stuff like that, it’s not nearly even a bit interesting. I didn’t learn anything knew that I didn’t know before. Apparently not a documentary for a tech-junkie, but more aimed for the layman audience. But even if you belong there, you will just end up with a sort of one-sided monotone view of hackers.

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National Geographic Evolutions – The Walking Whale

April 10th, 2010 | Category: Documentaries

Saw this documentary from National Geographic the other day, which basically theoretizied about how whales came to be swimming animales in the oceans. What they showed was that some kind of fugly animal (see picture) couldn’t  cope on land anymore since it couldn’t find any more food – so it started hunting near the shores and then taking his step by step into the oceans as the evolution proceeded.

Quite interesting theory, with some nice visuals and computer-generated graphics as to show how they thought these hybrid animals (“missing links”) would have looked like.


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Talk to Me (2007)

April 10th, 2010 | Category: Movie Reviews

talk_to_me_movie_poster_onesheet Talk to Me is based on a true life story. I usually don’t watch these based on true stuff shit, since there are no zombies, and often waaay to much drama. But this was a good one. Bear with me now.

It’s about Ralph Waldo “Petey” Greene Jr. The time is mid-to-late sixties (check the fucking afros in the attached picture, you get the feeling straight from that one). The place is Washington D.C. People were getting socially conscious, vibrant soul music were taking over the place, and thus it was the time and place for Petey to fully express himself; speaking the truth on the radio, something that isn’t always appreciated by the men in power. Petey had fought his way into the radio station after being evicted from jail. He forges a friendship/partnership with Dewey Hughes; co-worker at the radio station.

Soon enough Petey makes a name for himself, rising in fame and even surpassing the present all-star ensemble. But rising to fame has a price, and is fame what Petey really wants? And how does that go in line with the motives of Dewey?

I found Talk to Me to be an interesting movie, but really nothing out of the ordinary. It was powerful for some parts, and if you’re interested in afro-american history (especially in the Martin Luther King  era), then this is for you. I couldn’t care less if it was based on a true story or not, since I lack the interest of these things. But caring or not, it’s still an interesting movie depicting the fate of 2 people making a change in history.

I’d recommend watching this movie to anybody. You drama nerds out there will love it. You guys out there with better taste for movies will probably also like it. Even though there are not samurais, zombies, exploding cars, or mutilation of corpses. But you do get a small share of sex and fistfights. That’s something.


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Brüno (2009)

April 10th, 2010 | Category: Movie Reviews

BRU_Teaser1-Sheet_14F (Page 1) Finally I got around seeing this movie, that I’ve been wanting to see for a long time. Just because I find the Borat and Ali G characters hilariously funny, I thought I would like this one too. Although from earlier sketches with the Brüno character, I haven’t been at all impressed. All this gayness comedy isn’t nearly as funny as making fun of ethnic minorities or the hip hop culture.

The plot revolves around Brüno who is a gay, Austrian fashion guru. He has his own TV show (Funkyzeit). He wrecks his career in german speaking countries, so he seeks for worldwide fame instead by going to Los Angeles to reinvent himself.

By his side he has Lutz (played by Swedish actor Gustaf Hammarsten). He’s the only one left that still believe Brüno isn’t a total retard.

It follows somehow the same type of storyline that Borat had. The difference is that Borat felt funny and hilarious throughout the whole movie. Brüno mostly feels too awkward in most scenes, making it not nearly as funny as the others. But that’s probably because I don’t find making fun of the gay culture just as funny as making fun of certain ethnic minorities. Or the fact that it just was a bit toooooo much at some points. Many scenes would have benefitted from being cut short.

It wasn’t boring, it wasn’t really bad in that sense – but it wasn’t as good as Borat or the Ali G sketches. I’m sorry. The Brüno character isn’t as brilliant as Sacha Baron Cohen’s other ones.

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The Pink Panther 2 (2009)

April 01st, 2010 | Category: Movie Reviews

pink_panther_two_ver2 I’ll make this review short, since there’s not much to say. I start with stealing the plot summary form IMDB as usual, for those who actually care what the god damn movie is about:

After having been rewarded for solving the mystery of the Pink Panther Diamond, inspector Jacques Clouseau has been assigned to minor tasks by his boss inspector Dreyfus so as not to have him in his way anymore. Unfortunately, the famous diamond has once again been stolen as have many other artifacts in a series of burglaries around the world. His past success will enable inspector Clouseau to be part of the dream team comprised of the greatest detectives of the affected countries, where he will be able to display his numerous talents across the world.

That was the plot. So what about the quality of The Pink Panther 2? Well, it’s just like the first one. Except not really as good. Same type of jokes, same typ of practical comedy, same type of intrigues, same type of everything. But somehow I feel like it hasn’t been done with the same passion as the first one. I feel this movie’s only purpose was to cash in a lot of money. It felt effortless.

I had my hopes up a bit too high I think. Didn’t expect anything else than light-weight comedy, but I think somewhere along the road the whole crew lost its soul. I did have my laughs though; I’m not saying it’s a total waste – just not as good as the first one.

Be satisfied with the first installment instead of watching this.

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Romper Stomper (1992)

April 01st, 2010 | Category: Movie Reviews

451877 Fuck you. Don’t come saying I’ve been living in a cave just because I haven’t seen this movie – like one of the most talked-about movies ever. Anyways. Romper Stomper.

It’s like about nazi skinheads in Melbourne being total fucktards, taking out their anger on local Vietnamese people, who are seen as threatening racial purity. But they shouldn’t have messed with something they can’t handle. These little pricks (with Russel Crowe as Hando, the leader) soon get more than they bargained for, and when the Vietnamese finally have had enough and confront the skinheads in an all-out confrontation, there’s much blood to be shed. Then there’s this nazi-fucking bitch who joins these fucktards and just hangs around with her epileptic seizures.

Well, what can you say about Romper Stomper except you have a good overview of how nazi skinheads lack every sense of intelligence and empathy. You just wish them to be killed from the start of the movie. Since it affects me emotionally (by triggering my Furious Anger ™) it must be a good movie. A movie who arouses strong feelings of either hate, love, sadness, or whatever else is a good movie. Period.

So yeah, that fact together with all the badass fighting scenes (like total fucking mayhem of war!) and Hando’s badass skeleton tattoo on his arm makes this a classic movie every bastard in the universes should see. Especially all you racist fucks out there. I’d bash all your heads in if I had the time, you ignorant fucks.

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