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General Information

  • Name: Tommie Haag
  • Year of birth: 1984
  • Place of birth: Norrköping
  • Education: Master of Science in Computer Science and Engineering, graduated from Linköpings Tekniska Högskola.
  • Employment: Developer at Ericsson LTE Application Design in Linköping.


I am a half-Lebanese, half-Swedish Assyrian living in Norrköping and working in Linköping. My dad came to Sweden with his family from Lebanon for about 35 years ago. Some years later he met my mother and I am the incredible result from merging these two people together. I am also the only result – i.e. I got no siblings.

Since I started school when I was 6 years old I have went through grade after grade until february 2008 when I finally got my degree in Master of Science. This led me to the telecom business where I started as a software tester at Ericsson LTE Application Design. When I write this I’ve been working there for 5 months – and it seems like it will last for a while.


The electronic music genre has always succeeded in seducing my eardrums. Since I was a little kid I have always listened to electronic music. It started out with chiptunes produced from old Amiga machines, moved on to slow synth sounds and proceeded to hardcore. Which 80’s-child (i.e. growing up in the 90’s) does not remember the Thunderdome albums? They conquered my heart and to this day I still live for the hardcore.

There has however been many variations in my taste for electronic music. I’ve had my dark period where I listened to happy melodic trance (I really don’t want to remember those days…). It moved on to psytrance (which I still enjoy a lot today. Especially dark psy and progressive. I have however difficulties liking the Goa sound) and evolved into techno and schranz. Around 2003-2004 I discovered hardstyle, which also brought back my hardcore interest to the front line. Since then I’ve been hooked to hardstyle and hardcore, and those two (together with Schranz) are my all-time favourite music genres. I try to visit as many of these kind of events I possibly can.

Of course I just don’t listen to only EDM (Electronic Dance Music). I enjoy almost all type of music. Some other genres worth mentioning is hip-hop, metal, punk, chiptunes and classical music. I enjoy music which is good (duh…) – I don’t think one should limit oneself to certain genres; you’re going to miss so much good music out there.


My frequent readers have noticed that I publish a lot of movie reviews. Mostly concerning B-production horror movies. That is true. I enjoy them. A lot. There’s something special humouristic over the messy gore. Coming to talk about scary horror movies – they are the ones that entertain me the most. I want to be scared. I want to be thrilled. Drama is not for me – often those movies contain too little gore, to few car chases, too few naked girls, and so forth. Fuck that, give me some action! Anyways, keep an eye out for the reviews. You may find a good suggestion or two.


As you probably could’ve guessed from the headlines above, two of my main interests are music and movies. Some other interests worth mentioning are programming, martial arts, politics and beer. Drinking beer, that is.


Feel free to contact me at tommie [at] tomfury.se.

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