Aug 17

Deliverance (1972)

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deliverance Deliverance (Swedish title: Den Sista Färden). You know, that movie with the Banjo Duel and that rape scene where the hillbilly forces the fat dude to squeal like a pig. And you know it is a classic movie that everybody is speaking about. That’s like everything you need to know. So now that I’ve YouTubed you with the most important parts of the movie, I’ve spared you the task to view the whole movie.

I’m not saying it’s not worth watching, since you are served with moral ambiguity (who’s right and who’s wrong? what are the morally correct actions to take when murdering a rapist in self-defense?) – and it must have been one of the better movies from the seventies.

Oh yeah, maybe I should say a couple of words about the plot. Four dudes decides to go canoe in a river. Unfortunately two of them get stopped and raped by inbreed motherfuckers. So the other two dudes kills the rapists. And from there on, they’re on the run from bot the hillbillies and tries their best to get away from the police when (if) they arrive back in the civilized world.

There’s nothing more to it. The banjo scene and the squeal scene. That’s it. So go see this classic.


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